Online-Telehealth Counseling Sessions
in Boise, ID

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Many things are changing in the world including how we approach mental health. More and more people are moving towards telehealth as a means of getting their counseling needs met.  Finding a good therapist can be challenging, but finding a good therapist online can be even more challenging.  As a local counselor, I can meet with people in person or through video. Fortunately, research has demonstrated positive outcomes with it and suggests that online therapy is as effective as in person therapy. Most issues are treatable online including anxiety treatment, depression therapy, and trauma counseling. Some of the benefits of virtual therapy are that you can do it from you home, office, etc. that is at a time that is convenient for you. It also provides a safe environment for you where you have no risk of exposure to COVID-19. It is highly confidential and I provide the therapy from a space that is non-disruptive and secures your confidentiality. If additional privacy is requested, I am more than happy to use mic’d headphones.

I use Zoom as my video platform and will send you a code and link prior to our meeting so that you can join the session at the designated time. Most insurances now cover online therapy.  You may want to check with your provider in regards to online therapy with out-of-network providers. I have pleasantly been surprised that online therapy has been just as effective in helping people heal and improve their lives. I use Zoom because it is widely accepted, safe, and approved for therapy. If you feel more comfortable with this format, please let me know and we can set up a time to meet online.

Call me at (208) 803-5339 to make an appointment

A Review of My Services


"Over the years I’ve been very impressed by Dr. Cummins therapeutic skills. He has helped me out in so many ways. He’s always researching and driven to expand his skill set and integrate emerging and innovative therapies!!!"
— C.R.
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