Trauma and PTSD Therapy and Counseling in Boise, Idaho

Trauma and PTSD Therapy and Counseling in Boise
Life can be very challenging and I half kiddingly say to clients, “No one gets out of childhood unscathed.”  Most of us have had some form of trauma in the past that has adversely impacted our lives and has continued to impact us.  It is quite common for many of the problem issues in peoples’ lives (depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, chaotic relationships, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, impulsivity, etc.) to be the result of traumatic experiences earlier in their lives. Many of these issues are either reactions to the trauma or attempts to cope with or avoid the trauma. Even though most of the time the danger no longer exists, when our primitive mind continues to read our memory of the traumatic event as still happening or may happen again in the near future, it spends a lot of time, thought, and emotion working to keep you safe.  However, these safety mechanisms keep the person on guard, having nightmares, avoiding people, places, and things, feeling anxious and depressed, etc.  This tends to create a lot of confusion for people because they will “know” that they are safe and that it is in the past, but if the primitive mind doesn’t realize this then it will keep responding in a defensive manner.  If a person “knows'' one thing, but the primitive mind believes another, the primitive mind always wins.  Once the primitive mind understands that you are truly safe then what you know and what you feel align resulting in peace and calm.  

Rapid Resolution Therapy and EMDR Therapy

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RRT (Rapid Resolution Therapy) and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) help the mind process the information in an adaptive manner so that the body’s defense system stops misfiring. Seeing a therapist for abuse and PTSD not trained in this counseling can bring on anxiety and other uncomfortable feelings. I find that RRT and EMDR treatments are quick, highly effective, and don’t make people go through the pain of the past as much as other therapies.    My treatment focuses on helping the person regain a sense of power and safety, increase and improve coping strategies, and eliminate the emotional trauma from the memory. 

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A Review of My Services


"During the most difficult and painful time of my life, Dr. Cummins was a light of hope for me. His caring demeanor and wisdom helped me figure out how to get out the hole that I was in. Fortunately, it didn't take very long for us to get me to a place where I could function and feel like my old self again. I would recommend him without reservation!"
— S.T.
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