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"Dave Cummins helped revolutionize my life. I have been seeing therapists for almost 11 years now and his demeanor and Rapid Resolution Therapy was more effective in producing life changing results in 2 sessions than any of the therapy sessions I had in previous years. "

-BH ★★★★★ Google Review

"During the most difficult and painful time of my life, Dr. Cummins was a light of hope for me. His caring demeanor and wisdom helped me how to figure out how to get out the hole that I was in. Fortunately, it didn't take very long for us to get me to a place where I could function and feel like my old self again. I would recommend him without reservation!"

★★★★★ Google Review

"Dave is fantastic! I spent a number of years in his office working on removing my inner thorns... It was honestly the best investment I have ever made in myself. He was caring, thoughtful and always made me feel like his office was a safe space. I have always appreciated how much Dave works to make himself a better therapist. He is a constant learner and taught me tools to deal with life when things do not go as expected."

★★★★★ Google Review

"David maintains a serene presence, with a safe, free of judgment atmosphere in his practice. He has provided me with the tools to take back my life and I can’t thank him enough!"

★★★★★ Google Review

"David is fantastic! I really appreciative his blend of styles that were tailored for me. He would give me fantastic books that expanded my world view and help me have a better understanding of my self. We would go on walks and talk about my issues encouraging me to be more active. Lastly he is just a great guy that is fantastic to have a conversation with. Highly recommend."

AS ★★★★★ Google Review
"Dr. Cummins has helped me deal with a lifelong issue by not only listening intently, but suggesting simple and clear ways I could change my behavior for the better. I am so much happier now that I’ve seen him. I completely recommend him. He is a kind and professional therapist of the first order."

★★★★★ Google Review

"Dr Cummins was amazing help for my husband and I. After seeing him, I was finally able to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Got through some things I thought I never would. He’s very personable and I felt very comfortable at our visits, able to relax. I haven’t had to return because he helped so much. Highly recommend."

★★★★★ Google Review

"I would highly recommend Dr. Cummins for anyone looking to improve their life and mental health. I have been working with him for several years on past trauma, anxiety, and compulsive thoughts.
Dr. Cummins has coached me on coping skills, helped me to realize my destructive behavior, and manage my anxiety which has helped me grow as a person and allow me to live a better more enjoyable life."

★★★★★ Google Review

"I’ve been very impressed by Dr. Cummins therapeutic skills. He has helped me out in so many ways. He’s always researching and driven to expand his skill set and integrate emerging and innovative therapies!!!"

★★★★★ Google Review

"David is an amazing therapist. I had been trying to get over my depression and anxiety for years with little success. I feel so much lighter in who I am and don't have the same fears that I used to. It's so nice to let go of the past and live my life now. I highly recommend him."

★★★★★ Google Review

"One of most amazing people I have ever worked with..."

-CA Facebook

"I have been seeing Dr. Cummins since the summer of 2018 when I had been experiencing daily (sometimes multiple a day) panic attacks. He has been extremely helpful giving me tools to address my anxiety and PTSD through counseling, books, and hypnotherapy, which have helped to restore my quality of life. Dr. Cummins listens patiently without judgement and continues to help me address the root causes of the issues instead of just the symptoms (though he helped me learn how to recognize and manage my panic attacks when they happened). I highly recommend Dr. Cummins, and his office is conveniently located in the North End, close to everything downtown."

-KD Health Grades
★★★★★ Review

"Dr. Cummins has always been extremely responsive to my needs. He is the most caring, helpful, and warm therapist that I have ever worked with. He has been able to help me so much more than all of my past therapists combined. Dr. Cummins was there with me through some of my darkest times and helped me to get through them in a way that felt safe and supported. Plus, he's just a really good guy."
-S Boise Health Grades
★★★★★ Review